"A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist." Vladimir Nabakov

I am completely in awe of your usage of the English language.  You have taken my book to a level that I would never have achieved. ByB, travel writer


I have combed through it this morning and it has completely surpassed my expectations! Your attention to detail is just incredible, and your feedback/comments are so useful. Being dyslexic, I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have someone read through it with such a sharp eye. I feel much more confident moving forward with the tools and knowledge I have from reading your comments. So much I’ve learnt! MC, PhD Middle Eastern Culture


We have reached the end of that journey and I have the end product sitting in front of me thanks to my good fortune in finding you over two years ago, which in retrospect seems like a lucky win on a roulette wheel. DB, photo journalist, philosopher and memoir writer


I am so grateful seeing your edited work. I don’t know how I would have expressed this if I hadn’t crossed paths with you. NV, MA in mental health, 2nd language


You have done an amazing job! I love the little word substitutions and additions that you have peppered sparingly throughout, as well as your restructuring of some of the sentences.  Both the pace and fluidity of the whole book flow much better with your knowledgeable input, and it has evolved into a more readable work. HS, biographer


This whole experience is like a master class in editing. It’s blowing my mind in the best possible way. DC, novelist


So, thank you again, those were by far the best spent money in all my life. It was wonderful working with you, and I was actually amazed of how well you understood my requirements. RT, PhD in archeology


Thank you so much for doing such excellent work for us. I am delighted with the simple version and am working through all your comments. JJ, Professor of Fine Art


Dawn, you make my voice come alive, the “maternal voice” that you mentioned. You heighten and prune my real voice to be fuller, simpler, and just better. As I read the edits you’ve made for me, I knew that you had made my voice more beautiful and stronger. AJW, children’s illustrator and verse writer


I am very pleased with the quality of Dawn’s work. Her insights were right on spot, her advices useful, and her notes incredibly helpful. Clear and relevant, she made great recommendations on my use of rhymes and choices of words. She truly has a feel for poetry, and it has shown through her services. AT, poet


Dawn cares about the thoroughness of her work. She looks at every detail. The creators of the work are very important to her and her approach to her work is meticulous.  McA,



You are a very inspiring & empowering writer – I love the way you really encourage everyone’s creativity & ability to wonder & reflect. MP, workshop participant 


Incidentally. You did such a brilliant job on pilgrims way! Thanks much… David (Boyle) novelist therealpress.co.uk


Thank you is grossly inadequate for your response and the generosity of your input here… All your suggestions and the change in the central tone are appropriate and welcome. JL French business correspondance 


I’m glad to confirm the proofs arrived with us today and the mark-ups looked great. The level of amends you applied is just what we were hoping for. JB,  First Story editor


Thank you, Dawn! A superb copy edit. I’m really pleased. Please send me an invoice! DC, children’s novelist 


Thank you, your composition reads really well and is professional yet gentle. Your fee is very fair as it gives me confidence to use your services and I feel grounded. The agreement and letter all make sense and flow and I am using them with your edit suggestions. Joint-author agreement


Your feedback has been incredibly helpful. I have just read through the changes and agree with all of them. KH, academic  


Thank you for the meticulous professionalism of your proofreading service. My next prose publication is due in 6 months and I will certainly avail myself of your excellent skills.  FT, poet


Dawn’s editing job was really amazing and satisfying. The editing was extremely professional, thoughtful, thorough and effective. The readability and layout of my essay were improved, and main points clarified without changing the meaning of text. Dawn gave professional advice regarding English grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, and flow . I wish I had known about her incomparable services much sooner. NV, mental health writer


Dawn proofread the entire content of our business website. We supply copy and marketing strategies so accuracy in our own presentation was crucial. She worked quickly, finding various errors, and made several useful suggestions for improving the tone and quality of the site in general. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and would certainly engage her in the future. VB Company Director, website launch


I am not a native English speaker, so I make mistakes in grammar, structure, and flow between sentences. The thesis is so much more fluent and I really appreciate your effort for completing it well on time. SS, PhD student 


Dawn provided me with pertinent comments on my play including how I could build a more effective climax. She understands stagecraft through her experience and deep interest in theatre and was therefore able to suggest ways of highlighting the dramatic relationships whilst maintaining the integrity of how I wanted events portrayed. I benefitted from a perfect balance of Dawn’s critical analysis, guidance, and my ultimate decision-making. McA, playwright