Bespoke Editing

Fuller editorial work is carried out before the final proofreading stage, and if your work requires a more hands-on approach or this is your first publication then this is the flexible service for you, sensitive to your style preference and authorial voice.

I offer a wide-ranging service to suit an author’s intended audience and personal creative goals. After seeing a sample of your work I will address the following points, as well as the proofreading basics (above) to ensure your work is presented professionally:

o Clarity
o Consistent style
o Paragraphing
o Grammatical sense
o Dialogue
o Suitability for intended audience
o Contradictions within the text


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"Dawn, you make my voice come alive, the "maternal voice" that you mentioned. You heighten and prune my real voice to be fuller, simpler, and just better. As I read the edits you've made for me, I knew that you had made my voice more beautiful and stronger. JA"
  • Children’s illustrated stories in verse
  • Poetry edit
"Dawn, words cannot express how grateful I am seeing your edited work. Thank you so much for a quick review and the notes, I'm really impressed with your work and support. NC"
  • Mental health care MA
  • Master's degree social care
"You have done an amazing job! I love the little word substitutions and sentence structuring that you have peppered sparingly throughout. Both the pace and fluidity of the whole book flow much better now, and your knowledgeable input has transferred my story into a much more readable piece of work. SH"
  • Irish social history and memoir
  • Structural edit, copy-edit, and proofread.
"You have given me an idea of levels and parallels I had not seen. "
  • Memoir
  • Early developmental edit, DSG
"How fantastic to have another pair of eyes looking at my work, in a constructive manner. This whole experience is like a master class in editing. It’s blowing my mind in the best possible way. DC "
  • Contemporary novel, DC
  • Developmental editing
"So, thank you again, those were by far the best-spent money in all my life. It was wonderful working with you, and I was actually amazed at how well you understood my requirements. "
  • Romanian Conflict Archaeology
  • Post-doctoral publication in Romanian Conflict Archaeology RTR
"Dawn's editing job was really amazing and satisfying. Her editing was extremely professional, thoughtful, thorough and effective. The readability and layout of my essay were improved, main points clarified without changing the meaning of text content. Dawn was also willing to give professional advice regarding English grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, flow and usage. I wish I had known about her incomparable services much earlier."
  • Nursing (Mental Health) BSc(Hons)
  • NV, Registered Nurse, Mental Health
"Dawn proofread the entire content of our website. We supply copy and marketing strategies so accuracy in our own presentation was crucial. She worked quickly, finding various errors, and made several useful suggestions for improving the tone and quality of the site in general. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and would certainly engage her in the future. "
  • Website editing
  • V B, Company Director
""Thank you" is grossly inadequate for your response and generosity of your input here… All your suggestions and the change in the central tone are appropriate and welcome. JL Dieppe "
  • Business Tender
  • Copy-edit
"Thank you so much for the proofs you sent through, I’m glad to confirm they arrived with us today and the mark-ups looked great. The level of amends you applied is just what we were hoping for."
  • First Story
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