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Proofreading Service
A straight, focused proofread to provide the perfect finish to your project
Bespoke Editing
In-depth editorial work according to your individual request and carried out before proofing
Academic Proofing
Ensuring your dissertation, essay, or thesis is submitted to the highest standard
My Services

Straight Proofreading

A simple but focused proofread provides the perfect finish to your project prior to publication or submission, be it dissertation, business copy, general fiction or a specialist publication. I will add the same effort through my craft as you have put into creating your work and aim to spot errors and anomalies whilst maintaining a light, non-intrusive touch.

Bespoke Editing

Fuller editorial work is carried out before the final proofreading stage, and if your work requires a more hands-on approach, or this is your first publication, then this is the flexible service for you, sensitive to your style preference and authorial voice.

Essays and Dissertations

I will help you submit your thesis to its highest standard by proofreading it for typos, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, consistency of line spacing, font, and general presentation. Additionally, if English is not your first language or if you have dyslexic issues, I am able to check your project by looking out for sense and grammar, without intruding incorrectly on the content or organisation of your study.

I accept projects in English from throughout the English-speaking world and have clients from India, Libya and Hungary.

About me
Dawn Austin Locke
With a passionate interest in language and literature, I have supported writers of diverse ages and cultures including first-time publishers and those writing in English as a second language. I particularly enjoy editing fiction, the humanities, health and wellbeing, works in translation and poetry. I have steered flourishing creative writing groups and conferences from which members have published notable novels, memoirs, histories, anthologies, magazine articles and award winning poetry. My qualifications are in teaching (L.G.S.M), BA (Hons) Creativity in the Arts (University of Sussex), TEFL and senior qualifications in nursing and health education (R.G.N. H.V Dip.). I have written for the nursing press and creatively.
I am a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP Membership No: 12544) and follow their code of practice
""Thank you" is grossly inadequate for your response and generosity of your input here… All your suggestions and the change in the central tone are appropriate and welcome. JL Dieppe "
  • Business Tender
  • Copy-edit
""Thank you" is grossly inadequate for your response and the generosity of your input here… All your suggestions and the change in the central tone are appropriate and welcome."
  • Business document
  • July 2016
"Thank you so much for the proofs you sent through, I’m glad to confirm they arrived with us today and the mark-ups looked great. The level of amends you applied is just what we were hoping for."
  • First Story
  • June 2016
"Thank you, Dawn! A superb copy edit. I'm really pleased. Please send me an invoice!"
  • Synopsis of children’s novel
  • June 2016
"Thank you, it reads really well and is professional and gentle. Your fee is very fair as it gives me confidence to use your services and I feel grounded. The agreement and letter all make sense and flow and I am using them with your edit suggestions."
  • Joint author agreement
  • May 2016
"Your feedback has been incredibly helpful. I have just read through the changes and agree with all of them."
  • Academic Paper
  • April 2016
"ProofPerfect gave local writing group Saltdean Scribblers the perfect, fair, constructive and comprehensive critique of our collaborative novel Fault Lines; thank you."
  • Adult fiction
  • April 2016
"You’ll be pleased to hear that ‘Unravellings’, my first venture into the world of prose, has been successfully published and proved very popular. May I thank you for the meticulous professionalism of your proofreading service. My next prose publication is due in 6 months and I will certainly avail myself of your excellent skills at ProofPerfect to ensure none of my [many] errors appear in the final text."
  • Poetic prose
  • September 2015
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